Clutter Control

We help you create systems that work for your personal organizational methods and goals. We guide you through the sorting process and support decision-making.  We teach you organizing techniques and show you how to maintain those systems in the future. We offer resources to recycle your discards in an environmentally safe and charitable way. We help you learn the process so you can live organized.



Space Planning

Often clutter exists because of inefficient use of space. Our creativity can help you discover and invent space in new ways. We visually understand the dimensions and proportions of a room and offer imaginative options. We can help with your current arrangement of furniture and how to improve the layout and overall design. We pride ourselves on revitalizing with what you already own.



Design Assistance

Your home should reflect your personal taste and style. Our design skills help you update your home or office functionally and visually. Let us rethink your existing furnishings and possessions. Our creativity looks at a room to see possibilities instead of stuff. We can assist with the selection of paint colors, fabrics, window treatment and furniture to create the setting that suits your taste and style. In addition, we offer and manage contractors to make improvements to your home.



Relocating or Downsizing

If you are relocating to a new and/or smaller home, we can help you determine what will fit and how it can be arranged in your new place. We can draw ‘to-scale’ Floor Plans to give you choices and help you visualize your new furniture layout. Moving is stressful and we can assist with the move coordination. We’ll help you pack and unpack so everything is put away and organized.



Quick Fix

Do you have a project that needs immediate attention? Is there a deadline you need to make? We offer organizing services that can deal with your trouble spots immediately.