Home Office Organization

This Home Office was underperforming. We reviewed, sorted and set-up filing systems to work more effectively. Supplies and office equipment were re-evaluated for a complete home office overhaul.



General Organization

The contents in this room were overwhelming. Personal possessions were sorted, organized and stored into zones in this existing bookcase. Containers were suggested to further catalog the papers. Memorabilia was displayed and artwork hung.

Garage Organization

We sorted and eliminated the items no longer needed and created zones for the various equipment, gear and goods to remain.

Closet Organization

These closets were sorted and reorganized. New shelving was installed to maximize storage where needed.


Room Staging

Sometimes a room needs a total makeover when it’s function changes. We re-arranged furniture and furnishings, selected paints and hung artwork to create a cohesive look as this ’Boy’s Bedroom’ became a ‘Home Office’.


Home Improvement

Sometimes there are spatial challenges that require design assistance. We offer and manage general contracting or carpentry services.



The client wanted to update this 1970′s Kitchen and make it more contemporary. We kept the original cabinetry since it was in fine condition. The ceramic tile floor was covered with wood laminate flooring and the laminate counter-top was replaced with Corian. The wood handles were stained to match the wood floor to unify the room.